Standard Lens Package

Price includes frames and our standard lens package. Our standard lens package features high-quality CR39 plastic lenses and a durable anti-scratch coating.

If your prescription is stronger than +/- 3.00 we recommend polycarbonate or High Index 1.67 lenses to ensure that your glasses look and feel great.

Purilens Complete Care System

Purilens Complete Care System

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Purilens Complete Care System

The chemical-free PuriLens System is a revolutionary soft contact lens cleaning and disinfecting process. It consists of a compact, electronic PuriLens Unit and PuriLens Solution.

PuriLens is a revolutionary electronic, chemical-free approach to soft contact lens care that:

  • helps eliminate "dry eyes"
  • provides "like new" comfort and clarity after every cleaning

The PuriLens System cleans, disinfects and removes protein from soft contact lenses in just 15 minutes without manual rubbing, chemicals, or enzymes.


  • Unit, Transformer
  • Two (2) 4 fl. oz. bottles of PuriLens Plus solution

* We are unable to ship this item outside the U.S.

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